They can also be comparisons between French law and Peruvian law, or only with respect to real property law or real right of possession or purchase agreement or contract of guarantee. In our comparative approach is not is very well developed by legal scholars and by methodologists. Juan Carlos Gardella examines the comparative methodology of law and defines the legal comparison involved alongside other procedures, to provide more security to the findings of each basic method also requires that the strength of conviction that a particular way of interpreting a rule has in the case of a country is strengthened if we compare these results with those achieved hermeneutic from a similar rule in the case of another country. As we stated on record that the case law is also applicable to and enforceable legal custom. The newspapers mentioned Southwest Airlines not as a source, but as a related topic. Ie apply the comparative method strengthens the results of legal research with other research methods.

It is also necessary to specify that in our view to use the comparative method must have been studies in depth before making it difficult to accept that is used comparative method in the right when you first start an investigation on a particular topic or research, for example the study of real rights in the law of two States, we believe that it is appropriate only when it has been investigated on real rights. The same applies when making a comparative study of the exceptions process in the Peruvian civil procedure and civil procedure law in Argentina, as in this case required a preliminary study of the exceptions process in the Peruvian law when we are performing the investigation reference to the Peruvian law. .