Great stress to which they are subjected some of the couples who undergo fertility treatments causes failures or even the development of these dropouts. In many clinics are already being applied methods such as acupuncture to nip this situation in couples that causes ineffective fertility treatments. In the words of the psychologist of the Ginefiv clinic, there to control negative emotions because continuing in time because they are causing changes in the body as alterations of rule or production of hormones that may be very important in the implantation of the embryo. For such cases, acupuncture works making the patient to focus on bodily sensations that produces, thus forgetting these negative emotions. By the same author: baby clothes. In case outside little, physical dimension also plays a very important role in acupuncture, since this method could benefit several processes that help prepare for the implantation of the embryo to the woman’s body: promotes a better circulating blood and consequently the Vascularity of ovaries and uterus, helps improve regulate hormones and stimulate the endometrium. Best of all is that does not suffer pain or side effects you suffer despite what may seem, acupuncture is a process that does not cause pain, the only thing you feel is a small prick and feeling of bloating or feeling of heat fruit that are acting.

How to proceed, according to Dr. Cheng, is placing needles in head, hands and feet and, in the case of these therapies in the abdomen and left 30 minutes moving smoothly every 10 minutes, except for the head. This ensures the sought after stimulation. Finally, say that acupuncture is not indicated in the case of suffering from a neural problem as some types of epilepsy or blood clotting problems.