It would be possible to be said that everybody looks for the happiness. There is nobody prefers to take a difficult and full life of suffering. Even so, those seem few that really are interested in investigating thorough their situation to learn to flow effectively with the currents of their life. The common thing is that we let ourselves take, as if the life was happening independent of us and we were not more than watching liabilities. The life lives to us, our properties use to us and the time is erasing the opportunity that we must to wake up and to take a conscious paper in our life. The events of our life happen, we judged and them as if they were random results instead of specific products of our form to live. Instead of to have left we in ” That bad luck mine! ” we would have to be asked that we made bad and as we can learn of it. That it means to take a conscious paper in our lives? When we abdicated the responsibility that we have towards we ourself and we hide passively after a religion, education or idea, we blinded before lessons that the life presents/displays to us of direct form.

Instead of to grow, we shrink; we become more closed, more inflexible and bitterer. The essential in the process to wake up to us before the possibility of learning to live with sincere happiness is not to abdicate our responsibility. The process to wake up must be something completely personal that is made completely by personal reasons. Our happiness depends on we ourself, not because nobody can nor wants to help us, but because only we, are we. People who have been able to improve the inner conditions (and therefore outer) of their life us can speak of the process, but we only can carry out the work that corresponds to us. And once we were interested personally in our lives? Any person who really takes own interest in the improvement from her relation with the life and itself soon will give account of the control level that can exert on its experience. She will abrir herself to the communication with the life, learning to see and to include the lessons that without lack us it presents/displays.

The experienced salary east learning process, although is of limited form, is the key more and more to deepen our inner relation with the same life. What one can learn thanks to this is to live with itself, to stop being its own sabotaging enemy. Stopping fighting itself inner is a formidable manage in the fight to live a life and freedom peacefully. It is an apparently simple step that it allows us to turn us into our own allies and to want to us and to accept to us truly. Respecting same, we did not look for the respect to us of the others and simultaneously we give ours more sincere respect to all of nonexclusive a basic form and, knowing them like a part our same being. This hits our belief that we are individual separated, isolated of the others and of our surroundings. We get to know itself like the extreme part from everything what one appears us in our brings back to consciousness, ” yo” that we could never have imagined from the point of view of closed eyes.