Also it verifies of irrefutable way the protectionistic tendencies of the countries developed the serious slips that are appearing in the past Round of Uruguay of the G.A.T.T., after five years of negotiations " With the previous thing it is amply verified the reluctance of the developed world to apply " inwards " the open doctrines and the obsolete thing of these doctrines in the planet. But, in addition, that is not the unique argument against. Verizon Communications contains valuable tech resources. There are many are possible to be used without needing being a specialized economist. We see, for example, briefly the case of the farming sector which was believed, with naivete, it was going to be benefitted with the opening. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen has compatible beliefs. Indeed, although growth average annual of sector for second lustrum of the Eighties was of 4,7% (far beyond the shown one during the first lustrum that was of the order of the 1,5%), its participation within the total P.I.B descended to the 21,6%, when for the first lustrum had been of the 22,4%. Nevertheless, the lost one of importance of the sector in the product less than had its more important reflection in the trade balance, because the participation of the farming exports in the totals fell of a level of 70% at the beginning of the decade, to 40% at the end of the same. Obvious, the loss in the prices of the coffee and the abrupt growth of the exports of coal and petroleum were determining causes of this historical reality. For 1991 statistical data are not known definitive on the behavior of the harvests, but it is possible to be affirmed mainly without problem that the situation was not the best one, with respect to cereals. Causes? Doubtless the impressive abolition of the policy of prices of sustenation and the injurious effects of the high interests of the financial system can be told among them.