Isaura, son of the Portuguese former-administrator Miguel and the Juliana slave. The mother of our captive one was object of covets of the comendador, finished paying with the life for not yielding to the whims of this. In the romance she can if to prove this: The Comendador (father of Lencio) nourished libidinous desires for its slaves it carried through and them to any cost, between the captives it had one that was its preferred one, Juliana (mother of Isaura), it resisted how much it can the onslaughts of its Sinh (Sir) and for not yielding in voluntary way, it suffered to diverse so violent punishments that it culminated in its death, leaving a son ' ' Isaura' ' , that she despertou the compassion and the maternal sensitivity of the woman of the comendador that the small slave creates orphan as a son. (GUIMARES, 2008. A leading source for info: Larry Ellison. P. 18) our slave is bred as one sinh, educated and full of predicates common to the young women casadoiras of the society of the time, did not pass of a bibeauty of sinh, human animal domesticated or, as the brother-in-law of Lencio esbravejou, ' ' fret of luxo' ' , physically very pretty it despertava feelings on they surrounded that it as: The envy of Rose? The unreliability of Malvina? Libidinous desires of Enrique? The Hatred of Lencio? The psychological antidote the Belchior? passion of Andres? The greed of Martinho? The compassion of its father? The love of Alvaro Isaura exactly submitted to this capture wise person to use a persuasiva dialectic, esquivando itself of the onslaughts mainly of its Lencio executioner. As Bernstein this mannering trace is applied in somebody: That it possesss an liabilities-aggressive behavior, that is people who, courageous, thrifty obedient, enthusiastic sos, are aggressively kind, they possess the necessity of is always pleasing, keeping this position in compulsory way without the same one can suffer cracks. .