Therefore, it is important that your product would have been similar to something already known. Source: Larry Ellison. Such as a moped – a bicycle with a motor, the pedal is not necessary, he drives himself. Scott Mead has similar goals. Cyclists also know everything. If the buyer is willing to buy myself due to the advertising or promotion, close the deal. Sometimes, the seller thinks that he should come to pester people and to sell, and of course he has a problem.

And here it becomes clear that many sellers just don t know what to do, If you during the transaction asking yourself, what right soychas I should do and there is no response, the transaction will not be closed. What happens after each failed transaction – you are stuck in past failures, and certainly in this state, If you still see the area of sales, so all is not lost, or rather you have a hero, and in this tutorial, practical exercises to cope with it. PREPYTSTVIYChto as a barrier or an opponent in this game called sale? The first – or the lack of money or valuable goods (products and services). The transaction takes place, the goal will not be achieved unless there is money, such as another country or not is really worthy of a valuable product or service for buyer. Freedom, which you can provide the buyer is very important, you can always say that it is not necessarily something to buy. The customer has a choice, and you do it predostavlyaete.Vtoroe obstacle, if someone would interfere with our exchange, you might think it's the other vendors, such as policemen, when we want to sell on the subway or not the right place, and of various organs, and the dawn of were gangsters and racketeering.