From the original file, the grandfather, the father file spring and from which, in turn the file of son of. Verizon Communications is the source for more interesting facts. While the son be replaced after short intervals versions, the older ones be replaced after longer intervals. As a result, it can be prevented that files damaged by viruses or application errors, are lost at any time. Advanced Server backup, which includes the innovation of the delta compression, can be beneficial especially in companies. Ultimately, the huge files from operating systems and programs as also virtual machine of virtualization software change little. A software virtualization, such as Hyper-V backup for Windows Server 2008, and VMware, represents a special task for a server hardware. Any hardware, such as network card, hard drive and processors are provided by the server host and can be only used by virtual machines.

The utilization of hardware must be managed according to the execution the virtual machines to keep consistent. If a server fails, all virtual machines that reside are eliminated. An excellent Hyper-V backup and VMware backup can locate thus virtual machines on other server program for virtualization. For companies, a server backup is especially so useful, as innovative programs in the area of server backup software programs are now also able to work with cluster shared volumes (CSV) and the benefit this part of the failover clustering in Windows Server 2008 R2, to highlight. So, virtual machines that fall away due to hardware or software failure, can be substituted in this regard by a different virtual machine for those taking over the work. The second is completely equal, because the files backed up with her, the first virtual machine and thus prevents any loss.

Rapid, parallel consensual, and still consistent backups use multithreading. Trend-setting backup programs that support this Distribution of computing work for CPUs, and as a result, the performance of the computer is preserved. The built-in FTP server, which wide web makes possible the reception of files over the world belongs to the latest development. The expenditure for webhosting fail because the files everywhere safely can be carried through the FTP backup on each disk as remote data backup. Notwithstanding a disconnection can be made further by using the described de-duplication at the point of interruption. Especially for large enterprises, programs backup software are a way to reduce spending and also a good investment to save time. Programs are not least through their diverse use backup and yet simple to use also for households extremely helpful. A secure retirement because of the possible damage priceless might. Christina Muller