The gold price continue collect coins – passion or investment by the continuing world economic crisis increases. The last few days, he was more than $1050 even for the first time. Many punters have taken probably in the last few months and have taken refuge in precious metals as safe gold. Until a few years ago, the gold coin collecting was a hobby that was granted to only the rich. At the moment it seems but rather so that more and more gold coins and small bullion drawn feel. Most coin dealers have as yet hardly any gold coins. And if, then only with huge mark-ups where the coins value clearly exceeds the value of the gold.

Some of the international coin presses such as the United States and Canada have already the requirements of their coins significantly increases only to the collectors rush to tackle. We can assume that the gold coins in the year 2009 average all very high requirements will have even. The gold price will continue at a high level expect some gold collector coins even for the year 2010 still higher requirements. Here, the gathering is expected to definitely just to the complete the collections are but never to the increase of the value of coins which is Yes eh already very heavily dependent on the international gold price. Most collectors I’ve spoken in the past few months see it exactly like me. The current vintages of 2009 and 2010 will make there no huge jumps.

Most take care of there at the moment rather old issues from the last and second-last century. These are mostly in the prices now stable and no fluctuations more subjected to. Many say even the new coins after that soon get worn after them on the exchanges because it already has everyone anyway. These vintages should have maximum due to the gold value an investment. Dirk Werner