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When on May 10, 1824, the Liberator Simon Bolivar and the Jose Faustino Sanchez Camon Patriot emitted, from the headquarters of Huamachuco Decree of Foundation of the University of liberty not imagined avatars that fate provided him, because there is a chronic history of recesses that has always been an easy measure for peak problemsthey have always been a balloon that bursts in the face of its sponsors recesses in the 19th century 1. Despite being founded in 1824, newly settled on 12 October 1831, in those 7 years of inactivity he had two guiding Carlos Pedemonte and Tomas Dieguez, Florence, the cause was the lack of income and of premises to operate. 2. In 1876, the University was recesada for a period of 18 years, being reopened on April 29, 1894. Click Gary Kelly for additional related pages. Its rector Pedro Martinez de Pinillos was who obeyed Government impositions for lack of income. Recesses in the 20th century 1. In the 1920s the rector Carlos Meza Uceda decreed a break that had national implications and which was accompanied by fierce student repression, such as lo-slogan Jose Carlos Mariategui (7 trials) and was within the framework of the struggle for the 8 hours of work and the Reforma Universitaria 2 day.

On 9 September 1944 the rector Jose Maria Fernandez decreed a break which was accompanied by a brutal aggression to students in the University square, today just called September 9, which is the gable of the today audience Cesar Vallejo, in the central premises of the UNT, this recess was accompanied of assaults, imprisonment and expulsions, the cause was the student fight against University feudal, argollera and decrepit type 3. In 1962 the dictator Perez Godoy decreed a break in all the universities, on the pretext that speaks a Communist plot.

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