Month: December 2012

Ramon Lloria

Jose Ramon Lloria has explained who has approached to see the bolardos of fence after have known through Internet of his appearance, an idea that seems to him " he cheers and divertida". " They would have to make all the more colorful and thus gladder Carmen, " , it has indicated. Also Enriqueta Rico, who works in the zone although he resides in Torrent, has indicated that it deals with an initiative " very bonita" and " very chula" and, like Lloria, has urged to that more bolardos are decorated. " If they can put a few more, mejor" , it has said. In his opinion, he is much more " bonito" to see the bolardos decorated with colors that see tins of beer by the ground of this district, one of the most frequented of the Valencian nocturnal life.

A Valencian group of weavers and ganchilleras has vindicated in his blog as the person in charge of the covers of ganchillo that from the past Sunday a ten of bolardos of the historical center of Valencia adorns. In its page of Internet, the group Urban Knitting the past assumes proud its action, carried out Sunday at noon and for which they had summoned to his followers, having contributed the measures of the bolardos and announcing his intention of " vestir" those urban elements that avoid the invasion of sidewalks by the cars. Urban Knitting is defined as " a form of claiming and pacific expression " whose objective is " to cover or to cover part of the world that surrounds to us with woven wool, a movement artistic of graffitti inofensivo". Source of the news: They decorate bolardos in Valencia with covers of ganchillo

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Pablo Freire

The education in the emancipadora conception aims at a social order different e, therefore, if it constitutes as a revolutionary alternative. If the objective of the education, in this conception, is the emancipation human being, then it is important to stand out that it must be associated with the task of social transformation. Inside of this liberating educational perspective, come back toward an emancipated man and conscientiously it exempts, Pablo Freire is a reference author. It contemplates in them the analysis of the learning processes having as focus the awareness and the autonomy, considering the individual as subject, and not as object of this process. For this author, educators and educandos must become related by means of the dialogue and the knowledge need, necessarily, to make sensible in the life of who learns and who teaches. (FREIRE, 1970, apud COMBED and GUZZO, 2010, P. 572) To be adolescent child and is not easy, however to be adult also it is not.

Infancy, the adolescence and the adultez are different separate generations for specific conditions of each group that include rights, duties, freedoms, constaints, laws, that is, configurations that include relations of being able and inferiority/superiority. Hardly its opinion on the things is asked to the student, what they think, wants or finds. The subjects and knowledge that bring for the school and that many times try to place them in guideline generally are disrespected. The adults tend to know not to recognize them of the educandos in its legitimacy, perceiving them as incapable and as receiving liabilities that they need the pertaining to school culture and the adult control to become capable to produce cultures and to know. These are practical adultocntricas where the adults overlap its interests and to know to the ones of the children and the adolescents, without ouviz them, thus restraining its desires and motivations.

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The Responsibility

Then, it does not try that he is the other the one that makes all the changes. It must accept the responsibility that touches to him in a relation. a will of commitment in these situations is always a solution guarantee. When the relation was constructed being based on the mutual respect is easier to arrive at good port in conflict situations. Nevertheless, even in these cases, sometimes is difficult to reach the agreement. This happens when the two parts feel that already they have yielded the sufficient thing. How to come in these situations? Somebody must take the first step; although this supposes major vulnerability. Otherwise, the risks that are run are: not to advance in the objectives of the relation by a stagnation or, which is worse, to finish with the relation.

is not necessary to commit the error to think that those people will let in case single bring about conflicts if she is unknown them. To face them of offensive way because of its behavior does not take to good results either. the best way to obtain changes with these people is to construct positive connections with them. For example: to share time and to know its lives. In addition, asegrese to make center in the conflict and not in the people who apparently are involved in him. To look for guilty only exacerbates the problem.

Realice all the conversations that they were necessary but always in private. Quite often, the cause of conflicting personalities must to external factors to the labor relation. Beyond these considerations, the consulting group stands out that all these questions take to I raise of the main subject in the labor relations: an open and honest communication is the base of all relation. This is obtained through an attitude that as much demonstrates confidence in the words as in the facts, says the study.

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The Dominations

Although it has occurred in France, the Revolution reached the entire world of a more general form, a time that it was important in the construction of a new democratic order. Still in the end of century XIX, Brazil lived deeply two important historical moments that had decisively marked the great transformations of the society: the Abolition of the Slavery (1888) and the Announcement of the Republic (1889). At this moment, according to Chalhoub (2004), it has a reorganization in the relations, as much in what respect to the dominations is said, how much in the classroom relations. is exactly inside of this historical context that has the sprouting of new and alternative forms of life, where the bohemians, fruits of the happened modernity of these transformations, starts to be part. Decidedly, century XIX was marked by protagonists who had faced with insolence the rules of good social convivncia. To say in these practical of life bohemian, in Brazil, is to think about the masculinidade, a time that this group was, historically, the main attribute.

According to Perrot (1995), the men were the main ones benefited with this alternative way of life, a time who had, in the night, diversion forms, therefore the social spaces created were come back toward the masculine public. is exactly in this scene that finishes perpassando the multiple relations of sort. The sort question, automatically in sends to the idea of the sexuality human being to them, that, according to Goals (1991), it is a largeness of the social experience where if innumerable questions perpassam. It is through the sexuality that if develops a vast field of desires, beliefs and values, that go, of some form, defining an ample specter of our identity. As the sexuality is not to the edge of history, but yes, inside of a social context where if they develop the estruturaes of the social hierarchies, we can think about as this sexuality was object of dispute and social control throughout history.

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